Stress-free wedding preparations

March 18, 2020

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Stress-free wedding preparations

Advice for peaceful wedding preparations

The wedding preparations are an important moment for the bride. You want to be the most beautiful! Wedding photographer since 2010, I live every step of your preparations with you. Here are my tips to make your preparations go as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

preparatifs de mariage a la cour d'alsace a obernai en alsace




How to choose the place of your wedding preparations?

Wedding photographer, I like to be by your side during your preparations. These are the first moments of D-Day and everyone is busy in their role as witness, parent, friend... The emotion is intense and palpable. With the presence of your loved ones, you will have your hair done, make-up, pampered! It is important to reserve a space dedicated to your preparations.



Bridal suite or hotel room; in your parents' house or in your own room, the place you choose for your wedding preparations must be conducive to your comfort.

  • Choose the brightest room for your hair and makeup.
  • Choose a spacious, neutral or nicely arranged place.
  • If the only room in which you can prepare is loaded, do not hesitate to move the elements which obstruct the passage or are unsightly in visual. The photos will be all the more beautiful and you, more serene.





The importance of the details that make your wedding


Preparations are the perfect time to stage all the details and objects that make your wedding an event of your own. All of these things are valuable to you. Simple tips for not running on D-Day and keeping the most beautiful images of these details:

  • Remember to gather the day before all these small elements essential to the history of your preparations: the wedding rings, the bouquet, the shoes and the dress, your perfume, the cufflinks...
  • Put me aside a set of stationery (save the date, menu …)

Talk about the accessories made for D-Day like your personalized hanger or that little bracelet that your lover gave you a few weeks ago, the letter or that little secret gift that you decided to exchange before saying “YES! ". I really like all the little things that make up your story.





Be yourself !

Finally, be yourself: laugh, cry, share your emotions... the photos will only be more lively, spontaneous and natural!


To infinity …

To avoid the dreaded title of STRESS, make sure your sequel will have some, if not all of these qualities. And while that's easier said than done, do your best to be well rested on your special day. Relieve yourself of all stress because the truth is that the more relaxed you are, the more beautiful the bride will be. Focus on living in the present moment. I am your accomplice so that this takes place in the best conditions. Let's live together your preparations.

Behind the scenes of the preparations for the Bride at the Court of Alsace - Obernai (67)

Preparations for the bride: Laughter, tears of joy… Secrets of beautiful days, between women.


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