The experience of a photo session – The testimony of Héloïse Lesage

July 9, 2019

couple photo shoot

Photo shoot experience

Héloïse Lesage testifies


Why the experience of a photo session with Héloïse?

What you need to know is that Héloïse is a photographer in Nice. She is a friend and colleague. I suggested this session to Héloïse, because I want my colleagues to experience what I am doing to you. You know what they say “the shoemaker is often the worst shod”. Yes, I assure you, we are photographers, however we very rarely have beautiful photos from U.S. So, beyond being happy to offer this lasting memory to Héloïse and Fabien, it is all the more a challenge for me.

Photographing a colleague was a great moment. Which we also concluded with a Mojito and a small meal overlooking the sea. Yes, it's a detail I didn't tell you about but: I establish a relationship of trust with you. And the bonds of friendship that we often create, lead us to share a coffee or a lemonade after your session. I like ! Let me tell you the adventure of a session with Héloïse and Fabien.


How is your photo shoot going?

let's be old friends

Tea, coffee, we meet, we get to know each other. We talk a lot. It all starts when I invite you to remember your first kiss. you exchange a tender look and then you burst out laughing. 

For Héloïse and Fabien, the anecdote of their first kiss is illustrated by a tube of toothpaste. If I were to witness their wedding, I think I would love to do relive their first “fresh mint flavor” kisses for the lovebirds. Yes because since then, Monsieur has said yes! So I would slip them a personalized toothpaste tube as a gift during their preparations. (your photographer's wacky ideas).


Let's prepare your session

First, we talk a lot. Then, we also play: A little secret quiz to get to know you. Secret because it is each his own. And the answers, you do not reveal them to yourselves. Not before your session! And I love reading your little nicknames, knowing your favorite song or even the biggest laugh you've ever shared...

Then, a few days before your session, I offer you other little invitations, to immerse you in the atmosphere of your session.



Let's choose a place that is close to your heart

Direction the coastal road near Juan Les Pins. I like ! A little corner of paradise :



limestone rock

Pine forest

Your session

I will tell you that it is “a romantic stroll”. Your little bubble of oxygen. To escape from your daily life for a few hours. Enjoy the present moment. In confidence, you almost forget my presence. Then, I am not always next to you. I am sometimes far away, sometimes very close. Your tender gestures appear, you slip tender words into your ear. Nonsense too when I suggest it to you. Play, laugh, dance... Live your photos!



A bit of magic

Your bursts of laughter, your sparkling eyes. That's the magic for me. I melt in front of so much love. Then there is the magic of the sunset. A moment that we agree too little often. A beautiful moment, which relaxes us. A moment hug again, snuggled against each other. 


After your session

A tea or a grenadine. A Mojito or a white wine. Then you curl up for the rest of the evening. The next day, you are still on your little cloud. And that is priceless. I jump for joy when you tell me that!


Discovering your photos

A few weeks later, you discover the images of your photo shoot. You share your favorites with me and choose your supports. To give life to your memories and that they accompany you on a daily basis.


Héloïse's testimony

“I wanted to share with you my feelings on the other side of the case. We were lucky, with my darling Fabien, to live a session in full connection thanks to Mégane. And I can assure you that you should all give it a try. I loved feeling what my clients can feel. We are basically very accomplices and quite tactile, even fusional. So much so that Mégane told us that we made the invitations alone. But that didn't stop my darling from coming out bowled over, he still talks about it almost every day, telling me that it was an exceptional and timeless moment; that he still remembers the way I looked at him during the session; the magnificent decor, the gestures I had towards him, the sweet words he heard. Between laughter and moist eyes, I had a very strong moment, I felt fully loved and admired, I felt the pride he had for me and I felt like I was transmitting all my love to him. . Without Mégane as a guide, I think it would have been much less intense.

I think we too often forget this in our daily lives: the precious love we have for our loved ones, our essentials as I like to say, the chance we have to have them by our side and also how any close/intimate relationship is exceptional and should be celebrated. What is offered to us through the professional gaze of Mégane and its work approach is much more than images. It's a real experience, a moment for yourself and yours. And that is priceless.

The discovery of the images: We discovered our photos with a lot of emotions. We then chose our favorite photos. We don't get tired! The memory of this session makes us shiver every time we look at them. We will cherish them for a long time, these images are so precious and in our image.

I repeat myself but… If you can, pass in front of the lens! I thank my beautiful star for putting Mégane on our way because what she has given us is priceless, just like our love. Take care of yourself and celebrate those you love for a long time.” The experience is positive and sacred, so take the plunge too!  


Photos that show it all love that you wear 

The months following your session, I read pretty words of love illustrated with my photos. It is a privilege for me to read these testimonies of love. Héloïse also posted lots of pretty statements, which I chose to accompany the photo gallery of their session.
Thank you Heloise, thank you Fabien. I have really fond memories of that experience. Since you got engaged! What a joy for me to know that I am part of this story. Take good care of yourself. Megane


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