Your story in a few lines

Help me tell your story to you

Before starting, I would like to thank you for your trust. I am happy to share this adventure with you. For you to have a truly magical time, I'm going to ask you to tell me a little about your story, what matters to you. Are you ready for a little game?


The purpose of this questionnaire is to remind you of your favorite memories and the best moments of your life together. It is in no way mandatory, but you will see, it has the magic power to create this little bubble of happiness, just for you.

Answer separately, without showing your answers to the other. It's your little personal quiz, to bring the magic to life on the day of your session.
Answer the questions that inspire you. If nothing comes to mind for a particular question, don't worry, leave it and move on to the next one or don't answer it. Only deliver what you are willing to share with me.

It's your turn !
Take the time to answer them. Really dedicate yourself to this preparation time and you will see, it will make all the difference to your session.

If it's a bit difficult to start, take a quiet moment with music. Sometimes we have things in our hearts that we don't dare say or that we don't take the time to say. It is time. Once the questionnaire is completed, do not forget to click on “send” 

See you soon, Megan