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April 6th


A more personal message to get to know your wedding photographer better


Originally from Alsace, I have always been fascinated by the softness and elegance of the narrative images found on the most beautiful wedding blogs. But also by the force and the sensations felt through certain beautiful photos. This profession of wedding photographer is above all a passion. It's an incredible chance because when I work, it's not exactly like a job, it's an emotion, a pleasure and an energy that is renewed each time.


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius


pourquoi je suis photographe de mariage en Alsace
Wedding photographer in Alsace and in Provence – Megane Schultz Photographer –



My vision of the profession of wedding photographer


Photography has the power to document life, to tell your story. wedding photographer, I produce a non-intrusive report. Discreet, I create visual anecdotes of every moment. I capture, on the spot, human relationships and your interactions. I take care of the details and photograph that tell your emotions. Through the implementation of images of decorations, the place, jewelry and objects dear to your heart, I realize a complete photographic and narrative report. I tell your story.

Photography is an art; better than an art, it is the solar phenomenon where the artist collaborates with the sun. Lamartine

Wedding photography is an aesthetic choice. Soft colors, the choice of a refined composition, but also the framing of my photos, contribute to the development of what I want to tell about you. Your happy moments, intense emotions. I chose the aesthetics of fine art photography. I coordinate with the rays of the sun to create images that are bright and full of joy. With simplicity and elegance, to reveal your uniqueness.

My strength and my service

Also, I am aware of the importance of wedding photographer job today. I would often be with the Wedding planner, the only person who will accompany you from morning until evening. I know how to help you and avoid stressful moments, while guaranteeing you a report that suits you. Thanks to my years of experience, I have the ability to adapt to each situation.

During your wedding day, I am so discreet and calm, that you will not see me. As well as you enjoy your day 200%. Professional photographer for over 10 years, I will ensure every important moment. The quality of my service, from the details of my contract to my outfit on your wedding day, is your guarantee of serenity for the most important day of your life. In addition, each year, I invest and continue to train myself with great European and foreign photographers. Because I want to be as close as possible to the best and always bring you the best.  

Essential qualities

Listening – Availability – Benevolence

Being a photographer for your wedding means being there for you for more than just a day. A privileged witness to your story, I am fully involved in offering you the most serene of experiences. My clients have always told me about the essential human qualities that they appreciated working with me:

  1. Knowing how to listen: an attentive ear to get to know you and better support you.
  2.  Be available: to establish this relationship of trust between us and build strong ties. Present to hear your questions, your doubts and reassure you.
  3. With kindness: so that you feel free to be yourself and fully confident.


My sensitivity as a wedding photographer

Photography does not start with shooting. Everything begins in the heart. Remy Donnadieu

You share a multitude of emotions, I live them all with you. These words of photographer Don McCullin ring true: “For me, photography is not about looking, it is about feeling.” It is my feelings that guide my shooting. I am a wedding photographer and capture your emotions. Those that touch me. Those that you live intensely. The ones you share with your loved ones. This is how I get a more immersive report that will sincerely touch you.

My mission as a wedding photographer is to create these souvenir images of a memorable day. Inscribe forever the memory of sensations experienced ... for decades. Basically, you will be able to tell and make live with your children, grandchildren, this marvelous day and all the love to express within your family. Ultimately, my pictures, it's all the happiness you have left, years after your marriage.

Wedding photographer in Alsace and all destinations

Although based and born in Alsace, my job as wedding photographer takes me everywhere. In Switzerland, where I live on the border, Paris, which is right next door. And more and more towards Provence and the French Riviera where I love to explore the village of Eze, the paths of olive trees and the lavender fields with my American and foreign clients. Bilingual, I speak English easily. Travel has become second nature. I have the chance to accompany you to Barcelona, New York and in the American West to immortalize your complicity. Thank you so much for all these crazy adventures we share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these emotions that you make me live.


Photographe de mariage alsace - mariage Thannenkirch - photo de groupe originale pour mariagePhotograph your bond as a couple and with your guests, for lively group photos on your wedding day.


Why am I a photographer?

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