make your photo album

November 29, 2022

Making your photo album


Professional photographer, I want your photos to accompany you throughout your life. The very essence of my work is achieved, when your memories dance on paper. Also, I have selected for you a collection of albums of exceptional quality. Your album is made and checked by hand. Your photos are carefully printed on high-end art paper.


How is your album made?

You have received your photo gallery. You want to keep an eternal memory with your photo album. Whether it's your wedding, your pregnancy, the birth of your child, a portrait session that you offered to yourself, your photo album is your photographic heritage, your family heritage. The exceptional quality of the albums that I offer you benefits from a guarantee of more than 60 years. Made by a passionate creator, ubespoke manufacturing, in an eco-responsible ethic. I know you are won over by the effort and watchful eye of skilled bookbinders needed to create books of such remarkable beauty and craftsmanship. Your albums will accompany you for decades.

Made with lots of love


they received their album


“We didn't order our wedding album until our 2nd anniversary. Guess how many times in those two years we sat down at a computer to look at our photos, or how many people came to our house and asked to see them? Zero. No. Then we got our scrapbook and started keeping it on our coffee table, and guess how emotional we are about our photos now? Pretty much every week! All the people who come ask me for our album. It's moving, to slip our hands into these cotton gloves, to look at each page smiling, joking…”

- Nadege

We ordered our photo albums at Christmas. For us and for our parents. Exceptional quality, real color rendering... Delivered with care. We are moved every time we look back at our wedding photos. Our loved ones too. And they still thank us for it today.

- Nicholas

The stages of designing your photo album

  • Exchanges and advice

We exchange by email and telephone to identify your expectations. We can meet again over a coffee or in video so that I can present the different albums to you and help you make the best choice.

  • Select your favorite photos

From your gallery, add hearts to your favorite photos. This allows you to create a list of your favorite photos. The ones you want to insert into your album.

  • Create your album design

Dear lovers, I look forward to bringing your family legacy to life. This photo album that you will look at together then, with your children and grandchildren, by the fireside, near the fireplace… I can already see your eyes sparkling.

1. Do you want to create the model of your album independently? Simple and fast, design your album yourself via a dedicated interface. Fun and intuitive, with layout suggestions, you'll love seeing your photos take shape, page by page.

– Did you pre-book your photo album when you signed your contract? Start your photo album here

– You hadn't pre-booked but you can't wait to order your album? Create your album and order it from your Pic Time photo gallery store. 

2. Are you short on time or simply prefer to entrust me with this task? I take care with pleasure of the complete realization of your photo album. Create your list of favorite photos and choose your album options. *

* Any album design by me, not provided for in the initial contract, requires the payment of a deposit before starting the model. 

  • Verification and validation of your model

Once the realization of your model is done, I check it and validate it with you.

  • Printing your album

The printing of your legacy album is entrusted to my album creator and his team. Depending on the time of year, printing is carried out within an average of 15 days to 20 days.

  • Delivery of your album

The delivery of your album can be scheduled directly to your home. However, I like to receive the albums myself and receive you at my address. To discover it with you or before sending it back to you.

Additional options:

  • Would you like to offer a copy of your photo album to your parents? to grandparents or godfather, godmother?
This is quite possible with the “parent copy”. In the same or smaller format, your loved ones will love you.
  • Boxes and cases
  • Choice of cover
  • Personalization with hot foil stamping of your first names

Further information :


  • The processing time for your order depends on the time of year and the workload of your creative craftsman. You prefer meticulous work, carried out with care.
  • If you're in a bit of a rush, I can request expedited pickup for your order. This option will be charged extra.
  • It is important to me, with my craftsmen, to ensure an ethical and eco-responsible approach. This until the delivery of your orders.
  • Finally, on each order, 3% to 5% of the sum is donated to a humanitarian education association.