The importance of the present moment

April 2th

Be happy where you are now!


I sincerely believe that the period we are going through has a positive impact on the world and on our world. “To pay attention to the present is not to deny what is necessary; it is to recognize the essential. » Eckhart Tolle. Confinement teaches us to focus on the essentials. We only have the present moment to live. So live it fully! I invite you to look and feel the importance of the present moment. 

The importance of the present moment

« Make the "now" the center of your life. » Eckhart Tolle.

The most precious thing we have is today. Life shouldn't be a race, but a journey to be savored step by step. It is difficult to apply this, until one is invited to really do it. The present moment changes rhythm. If you want to enjoy your life, learn to enjoy your simple day.


A new rhythm

We learn to adapt to a new rhythm of life. This new rhythm is this everyday life that you reinvent every day with your children. Isn't it moments that you have sometimes regretted not living more? This new rhythm, less speed, with time for yourself. Isn't this something you were looking for before this COVID-19 which forces you to stay at home?

I sincerely hope that each of us, each of you, adults and children, will find some peace of mind during this time. I wish you to feed on these moments to grow. 


Enjoy this moment

To live a day of leisure peacefully is to be immortal for a day. Treat yourself. What are the things you have always wanted to do?

Remember that the present is all you have. " Make the "now" the center of your life. » Eckhart Tolle. Enjoying the present moment: For me, it was live these books that have been waiting on my shelf for a long time. For the days to come, I feel the urge to take out a canvas and posca markers to decorate my decor. The desire to make small plaster cups to put your wedding rings in when I take pictures of them on your wedding day. 🙂

It's about doing things that drive you, but I also invite you to take time to breathe. Find yourself with yourself. Not to think! On the contrary, to free your mind. Unburden yourself and feel more zen, lighter. Focus on yourself and what brings you a state of well-being. Writing, drawing, music or meditation… You will find deep inside you what speaks to you the most.

It hasn't been that long since I've been introduced to this type of “Zen” practice or art therapy. Dynamic and athletic, meditation was not for me. But we evolve, then we try. So it's not yoga, it's not musical relaxation. For me, these are body and breathing exercises. I discovered the method Gasket. And Fitball at the Etincelle sports hall in Selestat. With Nicolas, the coach to whom you say thank you when you leave the session, because you feel completely zen and relaxed at the end of the lesson. You feel light and in addition, he will tell you that “you have worked on your buttocks and your flat stomach”. There it is magic. ^^

Besides ! I haven't taken up drawing yet… And art therapy has been appealing to me for several years, I want to dig into that with specific training. I'll get to it. It is about seizing the opportunities of the present.  

The opportunities of the present

Taking a break and admiring what surrounds us is also enjoying life. I believe that COVID-19, this "coco-virus", will have allowed us to get closer to this essential one. I listened to the birds sing, watched the sun rise, and set at the end of the day. It's really something that fascinates me and I try to take advantage of it every day. The change of light, these colors; soft and pastel at dawn, a blue gradient at dusk that sets behind the mountains above Leimbach-Thann. This magnificent starry sky from the house of my friend Cynthia, who lives in the heart of a small forest in the Haut Var. She knows and she smiles when she sees my eyes in the air, hurting my neck to scan the stars, like a wondering child.

It's those little things that make us feel alive. Just slow down a little to feel the fullness of the present moment. Dan Millan mentions that “There are no ordinary moments. » “Every morning we are reborn again. What we do today is what matters most. » Buddha

You got up this morning. The time doesn't matter. You are ready to invent a new day. What do you want to do? …

Let your desires shape your day. Don't impose a rhythm on yourself, let it guide your day.


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“Each moment of our Life is essentially irreplaceable. » Andre Gide.

The inner peace of the present moment

“Each moment of our Life is essentially irreplaceable. » Andre Gide. I wish you could feel that today and in the days to come.  “Wisdom is seeing the new in the ordinary, accommodating the world as it is. There are hidden treasures in the present moment. » Santoka. I really like that last quote. It is all the more meaningful:

  • “seeing the new in the ordinary”. The ordinary before (before coronavirus), is no longer our ordinary today. We are in another time. Slowing down is good for us. To us and to the planet all the more. See the new in the ordinary, to appreciate it every moment. It will also take my time. But it will be beneficial to try.
  • « There are hidden treasures in the present moment. » We are so busy reaching for great happiness that we let the small pleasures pass by which, every day, pass before our eyes. All these moments, that we live, that you live. This new daily life that you are inventing in this period. These moments that you grant with yourself. Here we are refocused on the essentials. The simple pleasure of fully living the moment before us. And to relearn how to marvel. 





Note that: “Learning to live in the present moment is part of the strategy of joy. » Sarah Ban Breathnatch 





These moments that I like to share with you

Each of these moments that you live together: Hugs by the thousand, new games, tender gestures and tickling battles... From your daily life, at home or outside, these are the moments that I photograph! And yes, I love to offer you little games in session.  Yes ! Yes, I'm really really looking forward to meeting you again to capture your joyful reality.



How does the present moment transform your session? 

At each stage of your photo experience, the present moment is my priority. The moment you live in the present. And the magic that I wish to bring to it. I want you to fully and sincerely enjoy the present moment. The one that will leave you with the memory of a great experience. The experience of a beautiful moment, beautiful emotions and a long smile on your face and in your heart.


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