Make a photo session to savor the present moment

April 3th

Make a photo session to savor the present moment


Life is about enjoying the present moment, so that nothing is lost. The daily frenzy (work, cleaning, shopping …) does not allow it so easily. Experiencing a photo session means taking a break to live in the present moment. Pfor this interlude in our overbooked lives, no posed photos or tense smiles! you are yourself. 


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Let's create a special moment in your daily life

Let's create a unique moment in your daily life. Photos reflect you perfectly. Let's go together, get some fresh air… I want you to take full and sincere advantage of the present moment. The one that will leave you with the memory of a great experience. The experience of a nice moment, beautiful emotions and a prolonged smile on your face before and after your session.





“There are hidden treasures in the present moment. » Santoka 


How important is the present moment in your photo shoot?






The importance of the moment you are living. Your session is made to feel and express your emotions. Allow you to cut off from the crazy daily life to refocus on the essential: The feelings you share. And this complicity that allows you to laugh and play like children. I hope you can fully live the present moment and not lose a single crumb! The present moment, the one that gives strength and character to the experience you are living. The one who gives me the material to create images that look like you.


How the present moment

does it transform your session? 





At each stage of your photo experience, the present moment is my priority. The moment you live in the present. And the magic that I wish to bring to it. The experience as you will live it:


  • First, your first call curiosity to find out more. 
  • Then there is the experience of the first appointment and the pretty revelations you make at that moment.
  • Then, I offer you a questionnaire and small pre-session games. A little quiz and little secret invitations to which I am initially the only one to have the answers.
  • The moment of your session comes: The experience of the present moment through the choice of the place. Previous games allow me to customize your session. We will laugh, and still play. You will cuddle and say tender words to each other.
  • Then, there is this feeling at the end of the session, of feeling closer. To love you more,  for the whole day.
  • This moment that you live together at home, when you discover your respective questionnaires and compare your answers.
  • Finally, there are these emotions that go through you, discovering your images.
  • And there's the story you tell, with every page you turn of your album.


I am honored to share many of these emotions with you. Seeing you happy is real happiness. Thank you very much for your trust. I particularly love your daily messages to tell me:


“We played this game again while preparing the meal, we had a good laugh.”


“You gave Franck a pledge. That of making me breakfast. Well, I had my breakfast this morning. Thank you. »


“We thought of you, Mégane, on our way to our favorite restaurant. The memory of this game during the session made us smile. We remembered this good moment and talked about it again during the meal. »


“When do we start again? »



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