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November 3, 2022

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Wedding Photographer in the region of Metz in Lorraine


Photo report of a wedding in Metz

Celebrating your wedding in a city like Metz gives you the material to make a very nice photo report of your wedding. A city known since pre-Roman antiquity, Metz presents an important architectural diversity, from antiquity to the xxe century. I love the look and color of these yellow and beige stone buildings. The charm of these alleys, the view of the Cathedral from the Middle Bridge and the banks of the Moselle… I loved going around the city before starting the photo report of Inès & Ugo's civil wedding in Metz.


The photo report of the civil wedding of Inès & Ugo in Metz – Megane Schultz Photographer

Let's relive with some photo extracts this wedding day in Metz... 

 Preparations for the bride in Metz

To start this wedding day in Metz, I find the future bride in her favorite hair salon. Accompanied by her mother and her grandmother, these ladies had almost privatized the Citronelle hair salon in the city center. A place with an elegant design to make your beauty.


 Dressing the bride for her wedding in Metz

After the hair salon and the lunch break, it's time for Inès to put on her bridal outfit. Back to their home. A beautiful Hausmanian apartment located on one of the historic boulevards of the city … 


The photo report of the civil wedding of Inès & Ugo in Metz

Ugo, who got ready this morning for more than an hour's drive from Metz with his dad, hit the road after finalizing the final details of their evening wedding reception. He awaits his beauty with his guests, on the forecourt of Metz City Hall. I go to join them while waiting for the arrival of Inès, escorted by car by her dad. Direction the town hall of Metz therefore for the photo report part of the civil wedding ceremony.


Wedding photos at Metz City Hall

The facade of the Hotel de Ville de Metz for your wedding is a neoclassical building is the subject of a classification under the monuments since 15 December 19221. I love this place to capture your civil wedding ceremony. The ornaments, the stairs and the imposing chandelier of the Hotel de Ville de Metz, down to its checkerboard tiling delighted my eyes as a wedding photographer. Indeed, the textures and elegant lines of this building, gives material to many shots. I could have spent several minutes there in every corner of the Town Hall. Here is their ceremony in a few pictures.

Family photos in front of Metz city hall on the wedding day

After a few family photos on the beautiful Place de l'Hotel de Ville, the family of the newlyweds take the road to reach the reception venue for the rest of the wedding festivities. We take advantage of this time for a first couple session. 


Newlywed couple photo session in Metz city center

The City of Metz has a rich medieval and classical heritage, of French and Germanic influence, particularly in the imperial district, built during the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine, representative of Wilhelmian architecture. the church Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains, in the city center, is one of the oldest churches in the world, and the oldest church in France. As a wedding photographer, I take care to map the places around the D-Day meeting points. Here in Metz, the main square, the back of the church and a small alley to be at the away from the crowd. I therefore suggest that our newlyweds take a few minutes for the first photos. Here is the result in some photos:



The best time for your couple photos on your wedding day in Metz.

We always share the program of your wedding, these essential places. As I told you, I always spot the places, even if, as a wedding photographer in Metz, I already know them. There are many other places that may be worth stopping by. I therefore always look upstream, at your place of reception and its gardens, the surroundings of your place of reception or even the possibilities on the route, when this is important. Depending on the timing of your wedding day, I suggest the best time to take your couple photos. It is also essential for me that this does not encroach on the hours you can spend with your guests at the cocktail party, for example. Yes, yes, I would tell you as is: “it is unthinkable for me to take 1 hour from your cocktail party or your wedding day to go for a couple session. Otherwise, you won't enjoy your guests or your aperitif time. And above all, I want you to enjoy your guests as much as possible.” Isn't that why you invited them to your wedding?

The best time for Inès & Ugo's couple photos was during the travel time between the civil wedding ceremony and the reception venue. While optimizing the time, we took this first series of photos a few steps from Metz City Hall.

The creativity of your wedding photographer for successful couple photos in Metz

Inès and Ugo have rented a vintage car for their civil wedding in Metz. An element that gives cachet to your images and deserves to be photographed. We therefore include the rental car from your wedding in your couple photos. A dose of creativity, romantic photos or more posed fashion for the addicts of luxury Italian brands that are our two lovebirds.

Still with this red Alpha Romeo, the young lovers hit the road for the rest of the wedding celebration. On to the rest of the party! Creative photographer, I keep in mind this car they love. (Which I like a lot too I admit. ^^) Ugo, with his sunglasses and his Rolex watch, this red alpha romeo on the roads of Lorraine in the direction of Luxembourg… You also see this movie scene ?

Ok, I admit, the red car that girl on the highway, with the newlyweds, hair in the wind… I wanted to create this image. So I give myself the means! I catch up with the newlyweds on the highway, then pass them. I manage to capture some photos. As the kilometers go by, the landscape is greener, lined with fields as far as the eye can see. I see some air of rural highways. I decide to stop at one of them. A small road leads to the edge of the forest. It's a charming spot to take some pictures with our lovers. I can't resist and make the proposal to the newlyweds who agree to stop for a few minutes. Here are some images captured on the second part of their couple session:



The photo report of the civil wedding of Inès & Ugo in Metz – Megane Schultz Photographer


Wedding photographer in Metz

I am Mégane, wedding photographer in Metz. Based in the Grand Est, I take bright and elegant photos of your wedding. Privileged witness of your union, I get to know you and capture the emotions of the most beautiful day of your life. Wedding photographer in Lorraine, I travel beyond the borders for your wedding in Luxembourg, Switzerland or Italy. I had the pleasure of accompanying Inès & Ugo for their wedding celebration in Italy. RDV very soon on the blog to discover the second part of the wedding of Ines & Ugo in Italy. 


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