Megane Schultz, your wedding photographer in the great east


Hello ! I am Megane Schultz, a wedding photographer in the Grand Est. I offer you natural, bright and lively wedding photographs in Metz, Reims, StrasbourgNancy, Colmar, Mulhouse, … In all the border regions with Alsace and Luxembourg. Which takes me easily to Switzerland, Italy, Paris and everywhere in Provence and France.

Wedding photography really allows me to push my creativity and artistic skills to capture unique photos for each couple. I love meeting like-minded couples, learning about their stories and photographing them duringa engagement session. I capture the union not only of two souls in love, but of two families that become one. I believe that the love between a couple is universal, regardless of their culture, origin or orientation. I find you so to immortalize your incredible wedding day.

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My photographic style to immortalize your wedding in the Great East


wedding photographer in the Grand-Est au bright and narrative style. In a style combining reportage and photography Fine ArtThis means that I will capture your wedding day exactly as it unfolds.

Capture candid moments as they happen spontaneously. I trigger my camera when the emotions of the moment touch me. Your shy smile, a tear shed for a tender word… And your bursts of laughter. As a wedding photographer in Metz, Nancy, Reims, Epernay and all the other cities for you, I am above all a reporter of your emotions. I take a lot more photos because I try to capture all the defining moments. My photo also expresses a bright, radiant and artistic approach to the most beautiful day of your life. My sense of detail and aesthetics sublimates with elegance the photos of your wonderful wedding celebration.


Through my experience, each smile, each complicit look will offer you a unique photo.

If you want photos of you laughing and having fun on your wedding day in Metz, Reims, Nancy, Epernay and its castles, Strasbourg, Lorraine, Moselle, Meuse or elsewhere in the Grand Est and Luxembourg, then my style is perfect for you.

My experience as Wedding photographer in the Grand Est


With more than 12 years of experience under my belt, I will allow you to be comfortable in front of the camera without ever interrupting your day which will certainly pass very quickly. I want your wedding to be completely authentic and honest, completely unscripted, and where the moments happen. 

My goal is to capture authentic emotions by taking a more pragmatic approach. I prefer see the things de façon concrete, May everything be convenient and pleasant for you. I want you to look back at your wedding photos and see how great a time you had and see all the wonderful little moments that happened throughout the day. Therefore, I won't tell you to pretend to do anything, I won't create fake moments, I won't stop the natural flow of the day, and I won't direct you or your guests. It's the day of your marriage … you can do whatever you want. And I'm here to guide you.

Wedding photographer in the Grand Est, I live in central Alsace. I travel the whole of France. I travel to Monaco, Paris, Nancy, Metz, Lyon (69), Provence regularly, Switzerland and Italy for your destination wedding abroad. I tell your story and capture every moment to make you live and relive your most beautiful emotions. 

Departments: Bas-Rhin (67) Haut-Rhin (68), Vosges (88), Moselle (57), Meurthe and Moselle (54), Doubs (25) and Paris (75). Wedding Photographer


Convinced that we have great adventures to live together? Awesome ! Let's talk about your wedding.

Drop a few lines about yourself and your wedding day. I read your messages carefully and respond to you very quickly. I will offer you a coffee or a video conference to get to know each other. So get started and call me first if you want at 06 20 88 53 23.

See you soon, Megan

My work as a wedding photographer in the Grand Est

As your wedding photographer, I will be the person you spend the most time with on your wedding day in the Grand Est. It is important that you can be comfortable with me on your wedding day. Wedding photographer, the trust that is established between you and me guarantees you absolute serenity on your wedding day in the Grand Est. This is why I attach great importance to creating solid links with you.


Professional, friendly, sweet and caring, I will be your best friend on this important day, giving you the timing during the preparations and correcting certain elements of your dress so that you are perfect on your wedding day at Colmar, Metz, Reims, Nancy and elsewhere.

Quickly block your wedding date in the great east!


You can find photos of many weddings in my portfolio. Do you like my photos ? Does my website speak to you? Ask me quickly if your date is still available!

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A completely tailor-made service or from 2100€ for the complete report of your wedding day in the far east. For tailor-made pricing, I adapt to your wedding, your guests and your desires. You love my chocolate collections!


And if you're looking for a magical place for your wedding in the far east, there are so many great places. The Chateau Ernest or the Chateau d'Art sur Meuse in Nancy, the Chateau du Bois d'Arlon in Luxembourg, the Villa Quai Sturm in Strasbourg or the Chateau de Vandeleville in the Vosges, ... You will inevitably find something to amaze your guests and create your dream wedding.




We booked Megane for our wedding after coming across her stunning photos on Instagram. We immediately fell in love with his style of photography. Everyone in her photos looked so happy and comfortable in front of the camera that we knew she was the person for us.
Megane made everyone at our wedding feel as special as we did all day. She has a natural ability to bring out the best in everyone. ♥


Megane is the most genuine, passionate and hardworking person I have met. Throughout the whole wedding experience, I felt listened to and pampered. Even though my husband and I are awkward in front of the camera, Megane made us and our loved ones feel at ease during photo shoots. And she was able to capture our personalities and unforgettable moments of this wedding day. ♥

- Claire & Nathan


Mégane is a person passionate about her work, but also a resource for helping us in this year of wedding preparation.

Her support was not limited to being our photographer on our wedding day. Mégane brings quality to everything she has offered and organized for us. We felt taken by the hand and guided with particular attention, down to the smallest details.

- Martin & Sophie

I recommend Mégane 200% She made us experience beautiful emotions and the photos are really sincere and natural. Mégane will give you all her person to provide you with a complete photo report. We are very united with our loved ones, and these strong ties that we share are felt in the images. I remember thanks to these images, my father's words before the ceremony for example, or my big brother's handshake... ♥

- Jeremy

Questions I am often asked


Do you include full resolution edited images in your package?

Yes absolutely. Images will be available to you via your private gallery. I deliver the images to you this way because:

- You will be able to view and download your wedding photos from any computer, tablet, phone, anywhere in the world.

- You can easily share your gallery with your family and friends or on your favorite social networking platform.

It is much more convenient for you and your family and friends to view and obtain a copy of one or more photos. You no longer have to find photos of people at your wedding and send them a copy. If you send them the link and password, they can download a copy from anywhere in the world.

- I will provide you with a written email and password specifically for your guests.
- You can download your images in full resolution for your screens.