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April 7th

Why it's a good idea to have a wedding in the fall


Raise your hand if you've ever been invited to a hot and sweltering wedding during the summer heatwave?

It's impossible to escape the fact that summer weddings are magical, especially when the weather is so beautiful. But do you have to get married at this time of year? Of course not ! In fact, if you're planning on getting married, why not go against the grain and choose a different time of year?

Fall is quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding seasons, and the reasons are endless. Booking an autumn wedding in our beautiful region of Alsace is a good idea. I share with you in this article the main reasons why fall is an excellent season for your wedding. I give you an overview of how you can plan the perfect day in season.

Why an autumn wedding?

The season of colors

Let's start with the obvious – time.

Whatever time of year you choose to get married in Alsace, you will be taking a risk with the weather. Even during a heatwave in the summer, you might be unlucky to choose the only day when the sky is overcast.

So why choose fall instead? For starters, you probably won't have to worry about an unexpected heat wave that will make guests sweat. That said, it won't be too cold either. My last wedding of 2019 was exactly November 16 in Selestat. I remember it very well because the weather was glorious. In October too I have memories. A wedding at Domaine Saint Loup de Michelbach on October 07, and the couple session in the vineyards the following week in Eguisheim. It has been very good all these days. Believe me, you will be able to spend some time outside to take pictures and enjoy appetizers. 

Fall weather is no more predictable than summer or winter, but it usually sets the temperature pretty perfect for weddings. No heat wave at this time of the year for sure. 


The best light

Ask any photographer what time of year they prefer for wedding images, and they'll probably tell you fall.

There is a short moment called the “golden hour”. Our famous 'Golden Hour'! An hour before sunset, you guessed it, and that's when the natural light is at its softest and most golden if the sun is out. This time takes place much later in the summer and earlier in the winter, but the timing is almost perfect in the fall.

It's why so many wedding photos have that "autumn glow" and since these images are the ones you'll want to treasure for the rest of your life, why not pick the time of year that suits you. provide the best possible setting?


The backdrop

As far as the photographs are concerned, there is no backdrop resembling that of an autumn scene. Fall colors are popular in all walks of life, and they can add magic and romance to any wedding.

The changing leaves and the abundance of yellows and reds everywhere you look make for the perfect wedding scene no matter where you stage your big day.



Fewer people are on vacation!

The wedding guest list is one of the hardest things to put together, but it's made even harder when some guests can't come due to vacations planned in advance. If you're getting married in the summer, you'll likely find that several key people just can't come. Fall is much more likely to yield positive responses, as most people will have passed their summer vacation and be ready to settle in for the rest of the year. In addition, the conversations between the guests, who will be able to share the best memories of the past year and their summer holidays.


Another assortment of flowers

Why an autumn wedding? In addition to the beautiful fall colors, there are great flower possibilities for weddings. You'll be spoiled for choice this time of year: from rustic oranges, reds and purples to deep plums and burgundies... You can also add extra interest, with seasonal foliage, berries and seed heads.

When it comes to gorgeous blooms and captivating textures for a wedding venue, fall kicks into high gear.


A lower cost

Although not guaranteed, you may find that some wedding vendors drop their prices a bit if you decide to have a fall wedding in France. This is the “off season” principle. Wedding vendors are more readily available. Also as a photographer. And your wedding table vendors and fall decorator will delight in this theme. 


Indian summer and autumn are my favorite season. And I assure you that we have good weather in the fall. I can give you some years when the weather was very nice. November 1, 2014, I celebrated my birthday with a breakfast on the terrace at 8:30 am, during a weekend in the mountains. 2015, a pregnancy session in the heart of the forest of Wattwiller in the Haut Rhin. 20°C! 2017, 2018 and again 2019: September, October and November under the most radiant sun! 


Idea suggestions for an autumn wedding

  • Shimmering colors for your bridal bouquet
  • A warm-toned couple photo shoot on the edge of the forest
  • A woody decoration for an autumnal wedding theme —> pinterest tableau
  • DIY have fun! Autumn leaves, chestnuts … nature offers you many possibilities and at a lower cost -> Pinterest
  • A ceremonial outing with autumn leaves instead of soap bubbles (eco-friendly)
  • For your reception:
  • A mulled wine stand!
  • A wine and cheese tasting
  • Imagine fireworks at the end of your cocktail. The sun will already be down —> (other ideas)

How about a winter wedding?


Idea suggestions for a winter wedding

  • Cocooning atmosphere
  • A lovely and soft light
  • We can take your couple photos in the snow!
  • For your reception:
  • A soup bar!
  • hot chestnuts
  • Change for a special mountain menu!
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