Beyond these environmental aspects, wanting to achieve a marriage eco-responsible is also a real social commitment. It is true that for events you have so many things to think about that often make it easy and appreciable. But that does not prevent us from adopting an ethical and more ecological approach. More economical too. With small things it is already a commitment! Followers of "DIY", you can also surround yourself with committed service providers who carry real values ​​and work with strong ethics. Easy and not necessarily more expensive, be sure! Let's talk about it in detail...


Plan an eco-responsible wedding

There are plenty of sustainable wedding ideas these days, with decorations from marriage greener options on the market and greener options for catering, invitations, etc. You can even go green before your eco-friendly wedding even begins by choosing a responsibly sourced engagement ring. You see ? There are countless ways to go green. Whether you want your day to be green from start to finish, or you're just looking for a few eco-friendly elements to give the wedding an ethical spin, these eco-friendly wedding ideas don't take much effort but pay off big rewards. In addition to an honorable theme, you will give your guests food for thought.


A greener wedding is easy and not more expensive

Your wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful day of your life, but it can be even more so with a gesture for the planet. Planning a greener wedding isn't necessarily more difficult than planning a less green wedding. And yes, it can even quickly save you money! Less mass waste, plastic waste, less discarded decoration… These are the little details that will make all the difference. Be proud and inspired, a more ecological, simple and easy wedding.

Are you ready to learn how to organize a lasting marriage? To help you plan your ecological wedding, I have put together a dozen wedding ideas ecological. Try one (or all) of these little tweaks to do a bit of good for the environment on your wedding day.

A place for your ecological wedding

lieu de réception pour un mariage éco responsable  robe de mariée éco responsable

Choosing a location helps define the setting and theme of any event. It is usually your first big decision. And I want you to change your mind immediately, a wedding doesn't have to take place on a farm or a field to be eco-friendly! A luxurious estate, a charming residence with exterior, garden and terrace, quality service providers with an ethical and committed approach, there are some. The choice of the place of your wedding and its organization remains a key factor for your wedding. Here's how to find an eco-friendly wedding venue:


1. Choose a location near you
Your wedding's biggest carbon footprint is from travel, so if you can find a place you love near the majority of your guests, that'll be the biggest win. Organize your preparations, your ceremony and your reception in one place: no one will have to travel to go from one event to another, which reduces fuel emissions. If a few people have to fly, you can always offset their air travel. If you have to hold the wedding in another country, you can't force people to offset their air travel, but you can put a link to a carbon offset program in the invite with a friendly nudge.

2. Find a sustainable place

You can also choose a location that gets enough sunlight and have a daytime wedding, so you can leave the lights off. Green places don't have to be barns and teepees; What a marriage Nature, Chalet, Tipi and dry toilets is just as trendy as it is unique. And if you do that, I hope you give me the opportunity to experience it all your wedding weekend! Yes, I have an adventurous soul and I like to think outside the box. Look for hotels that recycle and use low-energy appliances and biodegradable products. If they hold events regularly, they will have the infrastructure to accommodate your green wedding, such as recycling facilities and good contacts with local vendors.


Food is at the center of any celebration, and going green doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste! In this regard, the catering restaurant The Palette, works wonders! Between gastronomy and vegan recipe for fans, I love and I recommend.

It is more accessible than ever to buy healthy and environmentally friendly food from local producers. When setting your budget, keep in mind that organic foods may cost more, but ask your caterer to source local, seasonal produce, which will keep costs down and ensure produce is fresh. . You can also work with a baker who uses local ingredients (like eggs and dairy products). When purchased directly from producers, foods need less time in the fridge and less packaging to stay fresh. Finally, ask your caterer for containers to keep the quantities of remaining food. Enough to make a shared meal the next day for brunch or a garden party!


My favorite ideas:

  • Cocktail: I know the Mojito bar! My favorite cocktail. I also know organic juice bars, lemonade and orangeade jars or syrup bars. Or one more Soupe of Cold Melon! I just love it !

Lemonade recipe – Orangeade like in Provence: Marmiton is my friend?

  • Wines Organic wines also exist! Better for the planet and delicious.

My selection in Alsace:

The Achillea Cellar, in Scherwiller, right next to Sélestat. Ethical and organic wines since 1999, Pierre and Jean have been working in biodynamics since 2003.

PURE Etc., restaurateur, caterer, producer in Strasbourg

The essential at Raphael, FOOD TRUCK Bio Vegetal in Strasbourg

La Range, Catering and Gastronomy, in Colmar

Eco-responsible ethics of wedding professionals


wedding planner

Surround yourself with wedding professionals engaged. Your wedding planner will be able to guide you and save you this research time. Your wedding planner, with his qualified address book, will also offer you many alternatives to make your wedding more eco-responsible. Discuss with each of your service providers your desire to have a more “responsible” marriage. You can think together to reduce your ecological footprint for your wedding.


My favorite in central Alsace: Karen, one day bydoes. Sparkling, dynamic, always jovial and more Vegan.


Your share, your menu, name of the guests… Your stationery set. I love taking pictures of them too. Like everyone the details that make your wedding. You have many options here: from the choice of paper to the most innovative ideas. For your invitation, keep an eye out for stationery stores that offer products in recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. You can still opt for sustainable resources, like cotton items or bamboo options. Finally, you can reduce the number of inserts in your invitations. Less text, fewer pages, less ink, lower cost too.

faire part de mariage éco responsable et écologique

Choose eco-friendly invitations
With wedding vendors becoming more environmentally conscious, it's easier than ever to find invitations printed on recycled paper or use alternative materials like fabrics, leather and wood. recycled. Look for companies that give back to the environment while buying stationery. For example, Paper Culture plants a tree for each command it receives. For more eco-friendly stationery, print invitations, programs and menus on basic paper.

The last product that I find brilliant is the paper of seed and planting cards ! Biodegradable material that sprouts into flowers when planted in a pot of soil. The paper is embedded with seeds, so customers can plant them in their garden and the paper will turn into flowers. For your announcements, it is also a perfect gift for your guests.

My biggest crush remains the elegance of calligraphic stationery. The choice of eco-responsible paper, the texture of cotton paper, and this feather. I find these achievements just sublime.

In Alsace : Today it's, Anais Was

Callyane, Calligraphy

Lulu's Plantable Cards, close to Strasbourg

Choose your alliances responsibly

When choosing your engagement ring and wedding bands, trace the origins of your diamond or gemstone. Privileged artisanal creation handmade and Made in France! My favorite in Alsace: Flora & Zephyr in Strasbourg.

On this subject, Flore & Zéphyr prepares an article for you to detail everything


Alternate: You can also change your approach to finding a ring by going vintage. Instead of going to the nearest jeweler, consider reusing or recycling a ring. Make your request in marriage with a heirloom, like Prince Harry did with Meghan Markle's engagement ring, or shop for one-of-a-kind pieces at an estate jewelry store. You can even melt gold and refine it – yes, that's a real, lasting thing – or set an existing diamond into a new ring.

Floral design for wedding day

Ask your florist for information on seasonal flowers and local flowers to ensure fresh, quality stems at the best. price. If you have your heart set on a flower that is out of season and a seasonal replica won't do, look for certified flowers. This means that the flowers are not grown with chemicals or in harsh working conditions. Don't want your beautiful flowers thrown away after your party? Work with a company that will take the arrangements and reuse them. Another eco-friendly choice is to choose potted flowers, plants or topiaries as centerpieces. So you can take them home and replant them after the wedding. Today, even the rental of green plants for your marriage and event! 

Floral Designer:

Rental of green plants: https://locationdeplantesvertes.com/, their greenhouse is located in Schiltigheim, near Strasbourg

An eco-responsible ceremony? 

Committing to the environment for your wedding ceremony does not mean taking out the haystacks! Likewise, these are small things that can contribute to a greener commitment. Here are my little ideas: As for your announcements, limit the paper. Prefer it DIY for your decoration and the flowers, take them to decorate your reception and dinner. Then take them home or give them away.

And rather than bubbles and small plastic tubes, how about sprigs of lavender or dried flower petals as an alternative to the ceremony outing conffetis! Alternatively, you can buy natural, 100% biodegradable confetti.



Gifts from your guests

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors for Guest Favors: Forget candy wrappers and cellophane goodie bags: an eco-friendly favor is much better for the planet, especially if you're having a big wedding and you're give favors to hundreds of guests. Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas for your wedding:


1. Doubly green: the gift of the guests and table name

Instead of printing the names of her guests on disposable slips of paper for the table, my friend Charlotte made 150 cookies that served as both party favors and name tags”. Rather than imposing friends on you to cook, you can try Hi Biscus! Anaïs and Sylvie use local ingredients and avoid excessive packaging when sending cookies.

2. DIY your favors
Use reusable jars to serve homemade jam, herbal cup, hot chocolate mix or handmade soap to your guests.

Bet on the outside: Outdoor ceremonies and receptions in Alsace are becoming more and more popular. However, we must admit that we do not stay outside as long in the evening as in Provence or on the French Riviera where the temperature allows entry into the room between 21 p.m. and 23 p.m. If you're more indoors, there are a few ways to make things greener. It is simply a matter of reducing the amount of energy and materials used.

For the rest that we haven't talked about yet, DIY and a second life! Dress, Furniture, dishes… Rent, reuse, buy used and second hand.


My eco-responsible choices

For you, I have chosen to work with service providers, suppliers and an album creator who share these ethical values ​​and preserve the planet. For each wedding photo reportage contract signed, I donate a percentage to an association. So you too can contribute!

In my daily life, I try every day or every week to change a habit for something more ecological and more respectful of the environment: Bulk food, small local producers, DIY and ecological household products, it's also more economical! I changed to a green energy supplier, produced in France and generated in the Strasbourg region. Finally, I use an eco-responsible web search engine to make donations to associative and educational projects or to plant trees… And you, where are you?


Based between Colmar and Strasbourg, I travel through Alsace and the whole of France. Departments: Bas-Rhin (67), Haut-Rhin (68), Vosges (88), Moselle (57), Meurthe et Moselle (54), Doubs (25) and Territoire de Belfort (90). Wedding photographer I also travel to Paris (75), Provence and everywhere in France, Switzerland and Destination abroad ...