Much more than a photo report!

You prepare every moment, every detail of this day. The dress, the decoration, the flowers… and the photographer? You appreciate being guided.

Forget my status wedding photographer ! We laugh, we share your meeting, 1st kiss, your craziest adventure... I'm already your confidante. You will be surprised to be comfortable so quickly! It's easy, because we already know each other before your big day. I am your accomplice.

I make a significant contribution to your story. Visual anecdotes of every moment: Mom buttoning your dress. Dad trying to hold back his tears of joy. When your best friend jumps into your arms...  I attach great importance to capturing these strong ties that unite you. Then will register, beyond the images, the memory of the shared moment, the sensations experienced.


wedding ceremony
photo portrait of the bride and groom - wedding photographer alsace

Reporter of your emotions, I have the honor to see your eyes sparkle. I tell your story

Let's create together something really meaningful for you...


Let's capture together what is most important to you

Convinced that we have great adventures to live together? Awesome !
Tell me a bit about yourself and what you love doing together. I look forward to hearing from you.

strasbourg wedding photographer


Commitment complicity session

It's a moment we share in the months leading up to your wedding. A break in the race for preparations. Your engagement photo session has only advantages! And you'll be more comfortable in front of the lens on D-Day.

Discover all the advantages of the engagement session.

Newlywed complicity session

Make the most of your guests, without missing a crumb of your aperitif! The newlywed complicity session is carried out after your wedding. It can enhance your announcements.

Alsace, the Esterel massif, the crests of the Vosges, London, New York or Cape Verde, let's be adventurous, let's go!

D-day options

My presence for all other important moments:

• Welcome dinner / Welcome dinner
• Additional hour
• Brunch the next day
• Civil ceremony or Town Hall another day
• Last fitting of your dress
• Celebration and renewal of vows...

Bring your memories to life!

I want your photos to accompany you on a daily basis. In 20 or 30 years, you, your children, grandchildren, relive your wedding day:

• Collection of prints
• Box of art prints (fine art paper and frames)
• Lin album and copy of parent albums guaranteed for life
• Photo books & additional USB case

And after the wedding?

The adventure does not stop the day after the wedding. We still have beautiful things to experience together... Let's share the discovery of your images around a glass of champagne. Then, let's go on a trip to a foreign country, read your vows on top of a cliff... Kiss at sunset! I have once again the privilege of seeing this firework burning in your eyes. And with each page turned of your album...

I love living these magical moments with you. Read your love messages and receive a photo of your ski vacation.

Imagine with you your vow renewal ceremony!

Un photographer de marriage professional for your wedding in Alsace