You two, it's an everyday adventure. The kiss on the forehead, your bickering, those tickles on your neck while you prepare dinner… All those wonderful daily moments that we hardly notice but that speak so well of you. You know how precious it is. ♥

If you arrive on this page, it means that you are in the process of carrying out your session. We talked about it together and the date is already fixed. For 2 hours or for 2 days, you are about to experience a fabulous moment. I have surely asked you “What is your favorite or dream destination for your session?” This is how we get ready to take the plane for a session bound for the seaside, for Barcelona, ​​Dubai, New York, Tuscany or Greece.


With stars in my eyes, I can already hear your bursts of laughter and your bodies shaking very, very hard. I can't wait to see you again for your session! And your enthusiasm really warms my heart. You have participated in the 1st game of the questionnaire. Thank you so much ♥ Your session is coming up and you have a lot of questions about it. What unfolded, what outfit to wear... Don't worry, I answer all your questions on this page. And if any information is missing, you know how to contact me. 😉

Welcome to your session preparation guide


A session is a moment of sharing. Between you first, but between us too. I like to laugh and talk with you. Move me too. So for your session, we have fun and we create a beautiful emotional connection. I want this session to be a bubble of oxygen in your daily life. A moment to refocus, find yourself, get closer to the essential. An experience you will remember all your life. Because now you'll be comfortable with the idea of ​​having a photo shoot. With the idea that I will be by your side to photograph your wedding and your family life. Beyond the images, you will remember the anecdotes shared and the sensations experienced. In short, you will love it and we will do it again! 🙂


How is the session going?

Imagine your session as a romantic stroll. Throughout the session, I will offer you small interactions in order to obtain a natural connection. Your gestures of tenderness and your complicity will express themselves spontaneously. I like to talk with you and I guide you. Sometimes sometimes I will move away by being more discreet. Simply to let you enjoy the moment.

"I'm afraid of not being comfortable."

Reassure, this apprehension is normal. At first shy, you will quickly get into the game. You are yourself and I guide you with kindness.

How long does the session last?

My sessions last 1h30. We spend an average of 2 hours to 2 days together, for your session at your destination. I admit often, we share a snack or even a meal.


Which place to choose for your session?

It is important to choose a place that is close to your heart. A place that makes sense in your story. This is how we end up scheduling a session facing Mont Blanc, in Barcelona or on the coast of the Côte d'Azur.

If we haven't talked about it yet, what is your top destination?
Let's discuss it together. I certainly have several suggestions depending on what you are looking for :)

How will our images be delivered?

I invest myself in each step to give you the most beautiful images.

• After a selection and artistic treatment of your photos, I will share a private and secure online gallery.

• You will be able to share and download your photos.

• From your gallery, you can also select the photos you want to see printed or inserted into your album.


How to dress for the photo shoot?

What outfits to wear?

Indulge yourself, as for a gallant appointment. Photography also has its share of aesthetics. Then, it's an experience you don't have every day. So let's mark it.

‎• Find a beautiful harmony between you, match your outfits. A nice game to play.
‎• Favor clear outfits. They bring light. Forget the black!

• To be avoided: logos or inscriptions on sweaters, stripes, checks and colors that are too bright.

‎• Shoes: Your favorite heels! Gentlemen, we prefer dressier shoes. In any case, fluorescent running sneakers and hiking shoes are prohibited. Of course, if we plan to walk, comfortable shoes are allowed, we will alternate when taking the pictures ;-)


What makeover to plan?

• Make-up: I advise you to put on a little make-up even if you are not necessarily used to wearing it. It can be very pretty while remaining natural.

‎‎• Manicure: it is very important to have well-groomed hands, because I take pictures of details. You can wear clear or solid color nail polish.

‎‎• For men: Refresh your haircut and/or beard 2 or 3 days before the session.

Examples of outfits

• Madame: A pretty dress, it suits you so well. A nice jumpsuit, your favorite pants, a nice top and a blazer. Jeans, with a nice shirt, sweater...

• Gentleman: A pretty plain shirt with long sleeves. It's so elegant. You are beautiful enough to make Madame blush. With chinos, nice pants or jeans it will be perfect.

PS: If you can't find this in your cupboards, the photo shoot is often an opportunity to do some shopping. A nice moment that adds to the experience of the session with a romantic shopping trip. ;-)


Latest tips

Extend the session experience

I hope that your photo session is an excuse for beautiful moments. To create an ideal atmosphere before your session but also after, treat yourself:

Take time for yourself. A cinema outing or a romantic movie night. A restaurant... Treat yourself to the day before, the day after. The magic of the session lasts several days. ;-)

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself and don't deprive yourself. To relax and put you in the best position for your session:

• Make an appointment with the hairdresser, at the barber
• Treat yourself to body care, it soothes the mind.
• A little shopping, we've already talked about it and I know you're tempted.

Treat yourself on the day of your session

• If you want to take out the bow tie or your Rolex watch with your blazer, do yourself a favor.

• Always highlight the part of your face and body that you like. If you like your eyes highlight them with mascara for example, if you like your hair do a nice bun or brushing.

Hello !
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+33 6 20 88 53 23

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