pre wedding couple photoshoot in Italy

15th February 2023

A pre-wedding photoshoot in Italy

If you're like me, you find Italy deeply romantic. So you love the idea of ​​doing a photo shoot between the authentic and colorful alleys of Italian villages and its coasts.



Italian romance for a romantic photo shoot.

Italy symbolizes romance to perfection. For its art and culture; for its landscapes from the most Mediterranean to the most ancestral, its typical alleys, its music and its shimmering colors that we love, Italy is the ideal place for a romantic getaway.

I am always enthusiastic about the idea of ​​designing tailor-made sessions for my couples. In love with Italy, you can imagine my excitement at the idea of ​​photographing Ines & Ugo's pre-wedding session in Italy, a few months before their wedding.

Ines & Ugo's pre-wedding session at Lake Maggiore in Italy

It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny, rich in laughter and a sweet complicity. We took advantage of being out of season to take full advantage of the tranquility of these places, which immediately inspired my storytelling and the experience I was going to offer for this session.

We started the session in the courtyard and the charming adjoining garden of a private suite reserved for our visit.


The wooded property offered privileged access to the heart of the village. So we continued Ines & Ugo's engagement photo shoot towards the historic center and ran like children through the alleys of the Italian village...



To end the day we went down the stone steps of the village to reach the port of Stresa. Right on time for an appointment with a crazy sunset! Lovers were able to stroll along the lake at sunset to end this lovely day. I love adding this spectacle of the setting sun to the timing of your session. There is no greater beauty than watching the scorching sun go down, gilding the sky on the horizon.


My photographic style for your couple photo shoot to Italy.


Wedding photographer in France and internationally, I like to offer a unique experience to my couples in love.

My artistic style is soft and bright. Pastel tones and silver grain. Clean, elegant and timeless photos. A charm that Italy offers us a thousand times over.

Photographer for your engagement photo shoots in Italy, I take you to the best places. From the most authentic to the most romantic for your photo shoot. I prefer the best seasons to be out of sight, away from the crowds. And I keep the complicity of the setting sun to make your eyes sparkle.





In the middle of pinterest boards and the frenzy of planning your wedding, you will take a break. Is not it ?


Contact me quickly and let's make a wonderful photo getaway together.

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