A photo session on the paths of the Coastline of the Cote d'Azur

April 9th

A photo session on the paths of the Coastline of the Côte d'Azur

A photo shoot in Juan Les Pins with Héloïse & Fabien

We are in April. I take off from Basel Mulhouse airport for the paths of the Mediterranean Coast. A short flight of 50 minutes where flying over the Alps is my favorite moment. (I admit, the Nice Côte d'Azur destination is a trip that I do regularly. I could certainly take out a subscription to Easyjet and Air France.) Landing with the applause of the passengers. I grab an organic fruit juice in a 100% recyclable cup then walk across the bridge to drop off my things at the apartment. I join the beach, which is only a few meters away. I like to sit on the sand, and enjoy the calm of the Mediterranean Sea. Take off my shoes and walk along the edge of the water, I couldn't resist. A phone call and a few text messages exchanged with Héloïse, it's time to take the train to find them on the paths of the Coastline of the Côte d'Azur near Juan les Pins.

Arrival at the station. A bit of a walk then I'm approaching the sea. I go down the path for the coastal path of the Cote d'Azur that I love so much. I locate the places for the photo session. I can't wait for Héloïse and Fabien to arrive to meet them and share this photo session with them. The panorama of the Coastline of the Côte d'Azur, between the rocks and the bay of the neighboring towns, is truly sublime. It's 17 p.m. when Héloïse and Fabien call me. They are at the entrance of the path. I find them there.


Héloïse and Fabien's photo experience

Héloïse is a photographer in Cagnes sur Mer near Nice. She has become a friend. She met Fabien for a computer need. I love the story of their first kiss and their sudden travel ideas. These are Héloïse's words of love that speak to accompany the images of their photo shoot on the paths of the Coastline of the Côte d'Azur. Beautiful statements that I was honored to read in the months following their photo experience.


as unexpected as expected...

Because every morning, every kiss, every laugh leaves me feeling both like me and a lot to you. 'Cause every time you hug me, I feel like all the once-broken pieces come together a little more inside me. Our greatest victory is the smiles that delicately appear on our faces.

For your smiles, your looks, your sweet words, your nonsense sometimes and your failing memory. For your desires for another world and my desires for the end of the world, our dreams and our follies, our secrets and our stories. For your shitty English accent and your stifled laughter. For our past anxieties and our certainties about the future, together. For all my flaws that you accept and embellish with time. A lot, madly, more than anything. I like you.


For a thousand lives and a thousand times

For your sensitivity, your kindness, our shared moments and our woven memories. For the trust you bring me every day, our desires for the future together and our wildest desires. For the way you look at me and your way of making me laugh. For the smile you instantly create on my lips and the proud gaze we pose respectively on our journeys. For your convictions and your ideal of life outside of all time and all rules. For our shouting matches and our reconciliations. For your arms that hold me tight against you, your skin, your smell, your hands and your tender kisses. Thank you !


Since Héloïse and Fabien have been engaged! What a joy for me to know that I am part of this story! PS: You have read Héloïse's words of love. She tells you how she experienced this photo shoot. Click to read his testimony, in immersion on a couple photo shoot.

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