Take a moment for a break!

You two, it's an everyday adventure. The kiss on the forehead, your bickering, those tickles on your neck while you prepare dinner… All those wonderful daily moments that you don't notice but that speak so well of you.


Doing a couple photo shoot is a unique experience. Dare to take a break! Take a break from everyday life and take time for the two of you. This couple photo session is an adventure full of laughter and joy! A romantic stroll for natural couple photos and spontaneous that suits you.

engagement photo session in Eze


The experience of a photo session with Mégane Schultz Photographe - video by Alexis Manz Wedd'in Time Films ©

Bursts of laughter and tender gestures, it's magic for me to immortalize your complicity

Let's capture what's important to you. Whether it's for your engagement, your pregnancy or your birthday; to offer to your friends or simply to please you, it is therefore more than an hour that we will spend together. I like to create a unique and singular experience from you. From two hours to two days, for your session abroad, it will be an appointment of which you will keep a pleasant memory, well beyond the photos. Together we create a memorable moment.


Let's explore the mountain peaks as the sun goes down. let us carry by the noise waves that slamming the rocks … Slip in sweet words and take the time to breathe together.

engagement photo session in Eze

Tea, coffee! We talk, we get to know each other. We share your first kiss, your most unusual habits and adventures. Your stories build the experience of the session. During your photo session, we laugh a lot, we play, we dance... You will quickly get caught up in the game! Is then inscribed, beyond the images, the sensations experienced, the memory of the shared moment.

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With Mégane, you will never have the impression of posing or feeling embarrassed. You will be in your bubble, just the two of you; We treated ourselves to our session during our vacation in the south of France. The opportunity to immortalize beautiful memories. We loved it !

Mallaury & Alan


Let's capture together what makes your heart beat faster

Convinced that we have great adventures to live together? Awesome !
Tell me a bit about yourself and what you love doing together. I look forward to hearing from you.


A couple photo session to love each other stronger!


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