How to keep the kids busy on your wedding day

April 21th

How to keep the kids busy on your wedding day

I know you have many things on your mind. Starting with the place of reception, the administrative formalities, the caterer, your dress, the flowers, rental car, the decoration... Also, for your guests, your wedding day, you absolutely want none of your loved ones to be forgotten. This includes your parents, your grandparents … Think of the children, they are also your guests. The goal is that they too keep a good memory of your marriage, You do not think ?



Words from parents:

“Remember, you must have been invited to a wedding where children were running around. Where there were tears, sores... At this wedding, you spent more time running after your son than enjoying the aperitif or the party. During the meal, you fed your daughter; And finally, instead of being on the dance floor, you stayed in the corner of the room to make sure they fell asleep.” Mary, future bride.

Conversely, have you ever attended a wedding where professionals were present to take care of your children? I assure you it makes all the difference! At this second marriage, your children simply came to say hello and bring you a drawing. They are having fun. Make-up, drawing, games… They still have great memories of it today. And you too, right? You could have enjoy of your friends and the party, serenely.

“It is certain that for my wedding, I will hire professionals to take care of my children and those of my guests. Because I want to enjoy my wedding party, I want my friends who are parents to enjoy it. And I don't want it to be grandpa and grandma who are deprived of a party to take care of the children.  resumes Marie, future bride.

The place of children on your wedding day

If you and your significant other are the stars on your wedding day, you don't want to leave your child or those of your guests out of the equation. Like every guest, children are to be considered as full. In this article, I bring you the advice and ideas to get out of it easily with this concern and make you gain peace of mind. Ditto for your friends who will wonder “who to entrust my children to?”. As for each of my articles, I surround myself with people I trust and with whom I like to work to answer your questions. Their experience, their benevolence and their ethics are all values ​​that it seems important to me to share with you. To best support you in your wedding adventure. I thank Leslie, founder of Tips for the enthusiasm with which she shares this content.

The Leslie commands are yours: ” Boutdechou Conseils is a consulting and activity organization company for children. I propose to give you some useful information to set up during your event. Because your friends, your family, yourself, have or will have children present during your marriage ! "


How to occupy the children on your wedding day?

Advice from Leslie, child specialist since 2007

Have you thought about it?

  • Have a “games” corner during the aperitif. Have some outdoor games, board games, some books...
  • Provide a children's table during the meal. Avoid having the table close to the kitchens or the DJ.
  • Remember to put teaspoons on the table for the little ones, bread and warm water...
  • Set up a “kids” corner for the after “meal”. This will prevent the children from being all evening
    on the dance floor and running around the room!

Children are also your guests, and again, the but is that they keep a great one souvenir ! That they are not set aside, and on the contrary that they can participate in beautiful photos, at the opening of the ball …


I adore ! That's why I'm telling you about it. Because before becoming a photographer I have an educational background. For its pedagogy, its educational and ethical values, but also for all this benevolence, this dynamism and the energy deployed to delight children, I can only recommend Leslie and her team at boutdechou Conseils. All the extras:

  1. Boutdechou's advice is offered with or without support staff for your event.
  2. The staff is qualified and trained.
  3. Provision of equipment and setting up of “games” corner and “children’s corner” is offered with personalized help and expertise of more than 10 years in the field with children.
  4. A real accompaniment to help you plan and welcome the children at best for your event.

There is preparation to be planned and Tips offers you this serviceaccompagnement. To guide brides and grooms in the adventure of their marriage since 10 years already, here is how to make your children and those of your guests feel special on the day of your marriage.




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Essential advice if you are thinking of doing it without professionals

Although I can only encourage you to call on child care professionals


How to entertain and occupy the children during your marriage if you can't opt ​​for professionals  ? Here is 8 advices valuable to apply to ensure that young and old at your wedding are happy.


1. Be sure to reserve a space for them: a separate room, with a few games and perhaps books. Believe me it's really, really essential for kids.

BONUS : Set up a game room?
For an active group, and if you feel up to it, turn the play area into a game room. Rent or borrow ping-pong or air hockey tables, a Twister, a Hula-Hoops , jump ropes and much more. If you're having a wedding at a hotel, you might find all the necessary equipment there. If your wedding is taking place outside, you can organize games and activities on the lawn, and the children will quickly learn to initiate a classic hide-and-seek, a wolf or a perched cat.



2. Provide coloring and writing tools:
Provide tabletop entertainment during a long dinner by covering the kids' table(s) with white paper and pencil cups. They'll be so busy they'll forget they're still sitting at a table. Coloring, small games of 7 errors and others, the internet is a gold mine for that! I have some leads here for you: Playful inspiration for children



3. Stagger Meals
Whether or not you provide a separate play area, consider splitting dinner in two: kids first, then adults. If you and your guests like to linger over a five-course meal, most kids are ready to leave the table after 15 minutes. If it's a buffet, let the kids help themselves while the adults chat over the hors d'oeuvres. When the youngsters are done, they can move on to another activity so that the adults can sit down to eat.


4. Give them treats (or treats to look forward to): It must be said, your little guests are greedy. Throughout the day they are overwhelmed by all the commotion, upset that they are not attracting attention or, honestly, just starving. Keep them in a good mood by offering them something sweet. Candy, popcorn, cotton candy… They love it. Adults too.




5. Prepare child-friendly music
Consider preparing a kid-friendly playlist so they can dance to the Frozen and Moana soundtracks in a separate room. Another fun idea is to ask dance teachers for another kid-friendly method of entertainment that will keep them uplifted and join in the fun.

6. A sleeping area
If you are expecting very young children, there is a good chance that they will be asleep before the end of theevent, but you can also have sleeping children even if they are far from having taken a nap. Set up a quiet room where they can rest after a long, exhausting day of talk, play, and excitement.


7. Hire a childcare professional
Many couples who choose not to use professionals have regrets afterwards. Choose to hire a team responsible for watching the children so that no one is injured. The staff will take care of any other kids-only activities you have arranged, such as crafts, a movie, a nature walk or a playroom.


8. Call a facilitator 
If your budget allows, do your best to hire professional entertainers, such as a cartoonist, clairvoyant, clown, storyteller, magician or impersonator (think Spiderman, Cinderella or Mickey Mouse) – and if you organize a themed wedding, definitely play along. It's an easy way to keep the kids happy and entertained while the adults mingle and enjoy champagne.


Aembellished with coloring pages and crayons, a syrup bar and a few treats (popcorn or candy bar), here's how to include the kids at your wedding and make sure they pass a wonderful day. For parents too, without having to worry! Thank you Leslie for the energy you give to this article. As much enthusiasm as when you are with the children!




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