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Do you have to postpone (or cancel) your wedding? Here's what to consider and how you can do it. From your particular situation to what it will cost, the purpose of this article is to give you tools to navigate this crisis like a pro!


What should you know if you are planning a wedding during the COVID 19 pandemic?

It made the headlines and here we are all affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). It landed in France and started to have an impact on your events. The government has officially recommended the cancellation or postponement of marriages. A wedding postponement or cancellation means a change of many, many plans. And for many, many people: you, your family, the guests, including the suppliers who accompany your wedding! This is why it is important to approach the postponement or cancellation of your marriage with the utmost peace of mind.

Do not stress:  I am helping you !


To help you navigate through this fog, I've connected with an incredible network of friends and wedding professionals. Together, we called on a number of experts in France and abroad. – Wedding planner, stationery, lawyer, jurist, wedding dress designer … – in order to dissect what postponing or canceling a marriage means.


When asked to share his top tips with you, Master Martin Lacour, a Parisian lawyer, said: “Check your insurance, and lead with your heart”. Because, at the end of the day, all the parties involved (your loved ones, your marriage providers) want to see you say “yes”, whether it is in two months or in twelve months.



So when planning your postponement, try to keep an eye on the end goal. It's probably best to keep your deferral challenges between your providers and your family. Social media isn't always the best place to go at a time like this.  “Use the energy you have to stay calm and relax in order to solve problems. In other words, use your energy wisely”.  And when the big day arrives, celebrate that you're still partying, and everyone moved mountains to make it happen! I can not wait to be there.

How to get through this crisis like a pro?

I want to make sure you have the tools to move your marriage forward whether your date is close or not until the fall. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to deal with the stress of postponing a wedding and how to re-plan the celebration you want, where and when you want. I have some tips so you can get ahead in case there is interference on your wedding day.


Stay tuned

To date, we cannot set ourselves a date when everything will resume its normal course. Stay informed of the dates announced by the government.

Rest assured

Take a deep breath and exhale. Rest assured, your service providers are there to support and accompany you. We all want to party with you!

Keep calm and stay the course!

Ask your friends and family to do the same.


The logistics will depend on your particular situation. Namely, who you work with and how far away you are. Beyond the calligraphic invitations, flowers, and carefully curated details, you chose to get married (and plan a wedding!) because you want to marry your significant other, surrounded by the people you love the most. Your guests, believe me, will want to celebrate your wedding twice as much.


Check with your insurance

If you have a insurance, you should first call your agency to find out what your insurance policy covers and what this means for your relationship with the professionals involved in your wedding. Unfortunately, it will not fully cover the coronavirus, since it is an unprecedented situation, but it could cover the difference in cost relating to additional costs charged by your service providers”. If you don't have insurance, don't beat yourself up about it.


Contact your wedding planner

If you have a wedding planner, she's the first person you should talk to about the possibility of a postponement. He is also the first person to help you manage this reorganization and the emotions linked to the stress that overwhelms you.

If you don't have a wedding planner, talk to your venue. You need to feel supported.



What if one of my wedding vendors is sick or has been quarantined?

As is the case with me in the contract you sign with me, a wedding professional is an independent business owner. He must have a plan B to deal with the unexpected. Similarly, if he is not available on the postponement date of your wedding, he will take care of directing you to a colleague. In any case, this is the principle that I apply.


What if your venue is closed due to government regulations?

It's never too early to start the conversation with your wedding venue now to be aware of any significant changes they may decide to make. Like you, they are concerned about this situation. But if you have chosen this place, it is because the service is very welcoming. So above all contact them.

Next, check your already signed agreement. Most wedding venues will have a rescheduling clause which can help you avoid significant fees in the event of a cancellation.

What if the arrival of my wedding dress is supposed to be delayed?

Pick up the phone and call your boutique or wedding dress designer. Rhyme Arodaky, creative recognized took the time to contact all of its customers. As much as she can she continues to produce your dresses. It remains to be taken into account that many of the fabrics and materials of the Arodaky Rime House come from Italy. This is where it gets stuck, since companies are also at a standstill in Italy and deliveries are delayed. But alternatives are possible. In any case, do not panic, contact the person in charge of your wedding dress.

Local support

You may have planned all the details and favors that come your way, but everything comes from an online store? Maybe it's time to hit up local markets and craft stores, check local websites to best practice social distancing, find and talk to local creatives on Instagram, and support their small business who may be suffering a lot right now.


What if we have to postpone our wedding because we are sick?

Get closer to your insurance then, your wedding planner, your place of reception and all of your service providers to find out about the cancellation policies.


Marriage insurance. Should I subscribe to one?

Have you ever contracted one? If not, maybe it's time to consider doing so. Speak to your planner or insurance broker. Planning the day takes a lot of time and effort, so why not consider it? There are two types of wedding insurance: liability coverage and cancellation coverage.

You can buy both at the same time, but before buying wedding insurance, always ask the ceremony venue if it covers civil liability. Liability coverage for wedding events can cover different things, for example, bodily injury and property damage. I'm not sure what people are doing with Corona virus protection these days, but you should definitely ask the experts.


Cancellation policies

Be sure to review your contracts with each provider and understand the cancellation policies. If you are in the early stages, learn about them and how they will evolve during the outbreak. Canceling may cost you a little more than rescheduling. Every professional experiences losses, whether it's equipment, money, food or planning time, for all kinds of reasons. For us, Photographer Saturdays are our best dates, and this day of the week becomes our main source of income. As you can imagine 2021 bookings are already underway and although we offer full support and maybe most of us are also helping by waiving date change fees. If you decide to postpone, please work with us. It is by communicating and collaborating that we will succeed.


I prefer the “positive attitude”. Sporty, the gym is my first outlet.  Slow down to stick to the essentials. Meditation, breathing or grounding technique. You need to slow your heart rate and conserve your energy. Immerse yourself in a reading that you will enjoy. An audiobook with koober ou audible. Listen to music and dance in your living room! Podcast, comedy film… Take the time to take breaks.

Need to get some fresh air?

Let's plan a pre-wedding photo shoot. I have my secrets to help you immerse yourself in the experience of your engagement photo shoot. Allowing yourself to project yourself into it will make you forget for a moment the postponement of your wedding. And as soon as it is possible to go out and meet, we will be able to share this photo session, since we will have planned each step of it, defined the place… Then, I miss taking photos, laughing with you and making you happy so much! I can't wait to escape with you in sessions. In order to make you forget your daily life for a few hours.


Your wedding is your project, your life. This day must be the most beautiful and the best of memories for you. If you imagine a postponement, it is above all so that you can fully enjoy your wedding. In exceptional circumstances, change of habits! A wedding even less like the others, do you like it? For the date of your postponement, here are some alternatives.




  • And if you change the season to enjoy the Indian summer? An autumn wedding or the magic of winter... 

[ Why get married in autumn ]      [ Inspiration for a winter wedding]

You still want to favor a wedding between July and September.

  • Choose a day of the week! What a funny idea you tell me. And quite the contrary. Here are the benefits you will get from getting married during the week:
  • Your photographer, dj, musician, videographer… will be more easily available
  • The place of reception, your caterer, they will also be more available.
  • Thursdays are After! Fridays… it's the day before the weekend! So believe me your guests will be delighted to meet you. Your service providers will also be more readily available.
  • Elopement: An intimate wedding with the people who are essential to you. I admit, it makes me dream. I have written a special article for you on what is called “Elopement”. My imagination runs wild on this, but maybe I can inspire you. [Read more about Elopement]


How to inform guests:

You must of course notify your guests of the cancellation of the first wedding date. So unlike "Save the date" you can send a " Unsave the date » by email for example.



There is no doubt that getting married is important. Even if your plans must change, your wedding day can be perfect because you are going to marry your sweetheart. Even better, you can celebrate twice!


Mark the occasion on the initial date of your wedding!

My suggestion is to mark the original date of your wedding. Because this date was not chosen by chance, and then, might as well celebrate it twice, right?

In a small committee or just the two of you, mark the occasion. Good ideas:

  • Plan a romantic or exceptional dinner: you will find a food professional to help you.
  • Elopement: do you want to express your wishes? So that's why you can think "elopement". [Read more about Elopement]
  • Be creative, I'm sure you have ideas. Otherwise, talk to me, we will find something that will suit you well

You have time ahead of you

Coronavirus or not, here you are with more time in front of you to finish the details of your wedding. The opportunity to take time for yourself. And D'enjoy the present moment. You can also prepare for your honeymoon.


Bear in mind that we are all in the same boat. We all live the same situation and face the unexpected. Let the stress and anxiety  next to. You are now ready to manage your report like pros, surrounded by pros. Taking care of you, I am here to accompany you in the adventure of your marriage. Even if there are tumults. Be truly connected with me and be serene. Your party will take place, you will end up calling yourself Madame! She will arrive this wonderful party with all your friends! And again, I can't wait to be there.

I kiss you, take care of yourself. Megane






And you, how are you coping with the postponement of your wedding day?

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