How to organize a secular ceremony for your wedding?

March 18, 2020

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How to organize a secular ceremony for your wedding?

You are launched in the organization of your wedding. You are enthusiastic with many ideas. A wedding with a nature, bohemian, country or retro chic theme, you want a wedding in your image, you are 100% right! So, how do you see your wedding ceremony on D-Day? You don't want a religious ceremony at the church. You still want something more symbolic than a civil ceremony lasting a few minutes. Have you thought of a secular ceremony to celebrate your wedding vows? 


Secular wedding ceremony: For whom, why and how to organize a secular ceremony?


The first thing I understood when secular ceremonies made their appearance in France was that they take place outdoors. Under an arch of flowers, in a green setting at the foot of a century-old oak tree, see the seaside. Wedding Photographer since 2010, I am delighted to witness the evolution of wedding ceremonies. Then yes, I am a woman, so the concept of secular ceremonies quickly made me dream. ^^   Today, we are trying to assert its uniqueness. The bride and groom looking for a different ceremony were quickly attracted by the organization of a secular ceremony. Other couples are surprised to discover that there is an alternative to a traditional ceremony. Secular commitment ceremony? Is it still a little fuzzy in your mind? So, to help you understand what a secular ceremony is and how it takes place, I asked Christine to Story Ceremony. We explain to you what a secular commitment ceremony is and Christine answers your first questions. 


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What is a secular ceremony?


A secular ceremony, also called a commitment ceremony, is a ritualized celebration for a marriage outside the religious framework. Truly centered on the couple, the idea is to make the secular ceremony more personal, with texts and rituals that you have chosen, imagined with your secular ceremony officiant. 


what is a secular ceremony officiant ?


Master of ceremonies, the celebrant is the one who oversees and celebrates the commitment ceremony. The celebrant helps to animate the event and oversees the course of your secular ceremony: He supervises the timing, the speakers, the content (texts, songs, choice of music, etc.). It helps you with decorating... 

Don't underestimate planning your ceremony — there's a lot more to it than just showing up and saying "yes."

I know you're probably more excited about choosing your cake flavors and centerpieces than writing your ceremony program, but your wedding ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. . You'll be glad you had everything planned for the ceremony in the first place. Not only does it set the tone for the whole day, but it's also when you make your consents! Here are our tips for planning your wedding ceremony.

1. To do: 

To whom should you entrust the role of officiant for your secular ceremony?


Care must be taken in choosing the person to whom you entrust your commitment ceremony. The officiant has an essential role. It can be a relative, if he knows you very well and is comfortable speaking in public especially. To avoid stress for your loved ones if they are not comfortable, or if you wish to entrust this role to an outside person, delegate the organization and animation of your secular ceremony to a professional. This will help you out.  

Get to know your celebrant in advance

This is the person who will guide you through the emotional commitment you are making, so it is crucial that it is someone you are completely comfortable with. And if you get to know him beforehand, your ceremony will be personalized and authentic. Make an appointment over a coffee and discuss all this with your professional.

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How does a secular ceremony take place?

The course of a secular wedding ceremony is built in different stages. Here is an overview of the course of a secular wedding ceremony:

Home : A word of welcome from the celebrant to explain his role and that of a secular commitment ceremony.

Entrance of the bride and groom: on the arm of a parent, on a bicycle or while dancing with the witnesses... It's up to you!

The story of the bride and groom: dear couples, you all have your uniqueness. It's so nice to remember how your story and your anecdotes began. 

The involvement of relatives: the speaking of your loved ones can be a reading of text for your secular ceremony, a shared memory. A speech or song for your secular ceremony. You can leave carte blanche to your loved ones, they know you and love you. Their words are often very touching. If they are not very comfortable with writing the texts for your secular ceremony, the ceremony officiant will be there to accompany them during the weeks preceding your wedding.

Rituals: Different secular ceremony rituals exist and will be offered to you by your ceremonial officiant in the construction of this one. For your secular ceremony rituals, you can choose symbolic gestures to be done in pairs or rituals involving your guests. 

Animation : Music for your secular ceremony. To animate the entry and exit of the bride and groom but also between speeches or during the rituals, the secular ceremony officiant adds a background sound chosen with you for your secular wedding ceremony. 


read his vows during the secular ceremony secular ceremony


The exchange of vows: one of the strongest moments of your secular ceremony. It is the reading of your declarations of love and the promises that you wish yourself. Smiles, trembling voice and moist eyes, theemotion is strong for you and your guests are moved. 

The exchange of alliances: you often want to keep this symbolic act of your commitment to marriage.

The conclusion of the ceremony: by the officiant accompanied by a word of thanks. 

Exit of the bride and groom: Festive to really get the party started!



Why do I like the concept of a secular ceremony? 


For the more intimate side often of these ceremonies, the moving testimonies of relatives. The symbolism of commitment through the values ​​and history of the couple. Anecdotes often, that I love to photograph. Of weddings “smaller” perhaps but with the people dear to your heart.  Secular ceremonies are not alike. At each wedding I can capture the moment differently. I like to focus on emotion. So that you can relive each of them through your wedding photos; So that in 10 or 15 years, comfortably installed in your sofa, you will tell your story and your love to your children and grandchildren, by the fireplace.

I thank Christine for her participation in this article and invite you to discover their philosophy Our vision to community of our profession: Accompanying you in your wedding adventure. Create a relationship of trust, get to know you and guide you. So that this experience makes sense to you. In a playful way, you are actors of your wedding, your ceremony, your beautiful photos. 


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