How to choose your wedding rings

How to choose your wedding rings

April 24th

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How to choose your wedding rings


How to choose your wedding rings for your wedding?

Wedding rings are highly symbolic jewels, witnesses of a engagement strong mutual, which we carry throughout life. When you choose your ring engagement and your alliances, retrace the origins of your diamond or precious stones. You don't want to unknowingly use a blood diamond as a symbol of your undying love. The best advice I can give you is to turn to passionate professionals, they will be able to advise you and guide you between yellow gold, white, pink, silver, precious stones...


alliances de mariage en bois et or

Your ethical and eco-responsible alliances made in France in Alsace

With Flora and Zephyr: The crush at the first meeting.

I met Laura and Amaury at a trade fair in marriage. Attracted from afar by their universe, I quickly understood why, once in front of their exhibition space: An ethic and an approach environmentally friendly for elegant and refined jewelry. As often, my first question was “hello, tell me about it”; you, your story, your why. Two smiles to answer me with passion their commitment and their core business. Flora and Zephyr is sincerely the first creator that I can recommend to you, dear lovers and future bride and groom. Made in France, in Alsace.

It is with great enthusiasm that I contacted the creative team of your wedding rings. I am proud and very happy that Maeva responded favorably to my request. Here are in a few words the ethics and the core business of Flore et Zephyr, creative alliance maker, professional wedding jewelry. Do you recognize yourself as soft, in these values.

Why choose an alliance partner with strong values?


There are several reasons why you will be sensitive to this quality ethic when choosing your wedding rings. Choose a work ethic for their engagement and participate in:

– Limit your carbon footprint

– Support the local economy

– Bringing craftsmanship and Made in France to life

– Do not be an actor in the non-respect of human rights

– Be an actor of fairer and more responsible consumption


At Flore & Zéphyr, we choose to source our raw materials ethically. As far as gold is concerned, we have chosen to work only with fair trade gold labeled Fairmined. With this engagement, we contribute to equal pay for men and women, we prohibit child labor in mines and we ensure a healthy and safe working environment for miners. Miners also have fair remuneration from price gold. Thanks to this label, the environmental impact due to the extraction of gold is limited.

Regarding the stones we use, our diamonds are Kimberley Process certified. This certification guarantees the provenance of rough diamonds in order to stem the financing of armed conflicts. We also source other stones in Canada and the United States, in order to guarantee working conditions according to Western standards.

All these actions allow us to be part of the agents of change and to advocate consumption more ethical and responsible.

All our jewelry is handmade by Laura and Laurie in our Strasbourg workshop. Craftsmanship is at the heart of our business and we want to promote this craftsmanship and Made in France. We only work with local subcontractors, allowing us to support the local economy but also to limit our carbon footprint.

Also, all our jewelry is packed in a box, which we slip into a Fairtrade organic cotton pouch and tote bag. Finally, our shipping boxes are made of recycled cardboard so as not to contribute to deforestation. We have imagined our packaging so that nothing can be thrown away and that you can give it a second life at home.

Above all, our commitment does not stop at jewelry. Our furniture is made in Alsace with oak from the Vosges, our tote bags are screen printed in Strasbourg just like the printing of our stationery. Alongside this, we donated our first profits to Plan International, a girls' rights organization that provides schooling and education for young girls around the world.

Thank you very much Flore and Zephyr for your sharing. Laura, Amaury, Maeva, Laurie and Laura, thank you. See you soon. Megane


Flora & Zephyr / flore-et-zephyr.com

18 rue du Sanglier, 67000 Strasbourg

[email protected] / 03 69 31 46 84

Have you considered an estate ring for your engagement proposal?

Alliances de mariage - photo de détails d'alliances de mariage

You can change your approach to find your engagement or wedding ring by going vintage. Hear rather, use the importance of an inherited jewel. To make your request in marriage with a heirloom, like Prince Harry did with Meghan Markle's engagement ring, or shop for one-of-a-kind pieces at an estate jewelry store. You can also melt the gold yourself and refine it – yes, it's a real and lasting thing – or you can set an existing diamond into a new ring. And Maeva, from Flore et Zephyr confirmed me, you can engrave and re-engrave a ring; depending on the material and the fineness of the ring.


This gives you some leads, dear lovers and future bride and groom! Tell me what you think in the comments or let's meet over coffee.

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