Why am I a photographer? What is my motivation for getting up every morning? Believe it or not, it's a question that matures over the years and makes sense a little more every day. I want to talk to you today. 


Why am I a photographer?

Photography is an extraordinary means of expression. For me, photography gives to see and invites to feel. It is an excellent vehicle for sharing, for connecting to the world and to others. For me, being a photographer is as much giving as receiving. I take photos to make you feel alive. So that you can feel and express your true nature. To see you happy and nourish me with this dose of happiness. 


megane schultz photographe de mariage alsace


A little bit of me

I am someone simple, generous, funny, with a lot of love to share. I like to discuss, laugh and exchange, to broaden my knowledge. I love chocolate and cookies. Crunchy, with hazelnuts or orange peel, I don't hesitate to take some away so that we can share a gourmet break during your session !

Finally, I like wide open spaces. Because they make us feel alive and free. Above all, I have this incompressible need to take care of the people I love. 






Have I always been a photographer? 

No. But, the job of my dreams, I invent it every day with you. Utopian, I always wanted to make people happy. This is also the answer that I was able to give to the jury of the competition for entry into the school of specialized educator. Yes, it's my first job. Helping others to grow and find their place. Accompany the other towards a well-being. With benevolence and pedagogy, promote the personal development of each. Essential values ​​for me, they animate me from Monday to Sunday. This first job allowed me to experience the power of photography as a tool and vector of links in the educational relationship.

I believe that nothing ever happens by chance. We are not always aware of the reason that pushes us to make certain choices. One day I decided to undertake a huge work ofintrospection on myself. To feel fully aligned with my values ​​and who I really am. A bit of theory: We are all unique. Each with their own personality, know-how and way of doing things. Mégane benevolent and warm with her friends. Mégane specialized educator, pedagogue and altruist. Generous Mégane, who likes to see people happy. That's a good combination. All of these elements make me who I am today. Even more, these elements have built my identity as a photographer and how I collaborate with you in the experience that I offer you. 



An essential awareness

Over the past 5 years, photography and entrepreneurship in general have brought me to meet exceptional people. A first training on wedding photography with Xavier Navarro. The profession of photographer has made me grow in ways I could never have imagined. I remember in particular a conference of fellow photographers. They evoked a work approach centered on emotions. A revelation that resonated with me a lot. Finally what I did naturally. The words put on my practice really allowed me to become aware of the why i do things. Various training courses have allowed me to deepen this work process. Above all, the experience developed with you has enabled me to lay a solid foundation. 

Thank you all for playing along! Thank you for your feedback and the trust you place in me. 


Why am I a wedding photographer?

I am a photographer from marriage : For you. To offer you a breath of fresh air with a Photo shoot in the Vosges. I am a wedding photographer to capture all these vibrant images. For this overflow of love that reigns in one day. I am a photographer to make you happy. To experience emotions. I am a wedding photographer to give meaning to your story and keep track of it.

I mature in contact with others and by connecting to myself. Every day I realize the joy and happiness I feel spending time with people who trust me and encourage me to move forward. Wedding photographer in Alsace near Strasbourg, I continue this work of personal development which seems important to me even to each person. In order to always serve you better, I deepen my work approach and invest each year in specific training, with specialized and internationally recognized photographers. 

My job as a daily wedding photographer?

Every day is different and makes me want to be next. My days are rich in meetings, nourished by many exchanges. With you, first emails, telephone exchanges to reassure you. An appointment to build your wedding project around tea. The perpetual anxiety of knowing what you think of me and my work! The desire to share a piece of your story, to laugh with you during the session… The messenger chat with my fellow photographers around the world. ^^ Yes that's the cool side. But being a wedding photographer is being an entrepreneur. It means paying exorbitant charges, the uncertainty of the future too.

I think to be wedding photographer, entrepreneur, is to be an adventurer on a daily basis. Be sure, being a wedding photographer, skipper of your ship, is also an everyday emotional lift. Moments of euphoria, moments of doubt. Tears too. Finally, the job of a wedding photographer is not a one-day wedding job. These are the aches that go with the day after the wedding. The renewal of equipment. An investment of time. After your wedding, hours of artistic treatment to make you the most beautiful pictures. Days of office and administrative procedures. Accounting, which we often don't like. An undeniable amount of time spent behind our computer and our Grand Site website

Finally, for all that, I like my job. First of all for this link that I create with you. Because I'm in love with your bursts of laughter and your sparkling eyes! Because we must constantly renew ourselves.